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Arizona Safari park , my trip experience ...
November 21 , 2012

Blog | Arizona Safari park.

April 20 , 2013 09:02 PM
Hi everybody.

First things first , WELCOME on my website. 

My name is Marek. I was thinking to write some blog on my website long time , but I never was sure. This is my first travel journal , so please be so kind and don't judge me right away :) . One more thing , Ill try do best with my english. Well enough apology , lets roll. 

I will come with few more deferent areas , but first I like to write about journey to Arizona. 

Was october 2012 and my friend get idea to have a nice trip. I leave in California from 2006 so I have few places where Im going usually but Arizona was my first pursuit to get some nice pictures out of CA. Like every photographer I was checking some different pages and make sure I will not forget anything, Ill try to do a list what to have for sure and what I don't need. Nobody want care to much stuff and on other side nobody wants forget something and later regret. My first observation was that I don't have enough big backpack. Of course I find out day before we was ready to leave so no so much time for shopping / usually shopping online for better $ /. My pack Lowepro mini tracker AW was good enough for trips around the town that was first time where I find some limits for my trips. I care with me backup flash all lens what I can , but this time I need it have tripod monopod and other stuff. OK I was ready , really exciting. I call my friend Lubo who leave in Riverside , meeting point was his house 1am morning. Well I try sleep something before I leave but no so much luck ,of course 1 hour before leaving my place I was super tired so I follow sleep. What I love on California , nights trips are cool no traffic at all. For about nice 20min drive , knocking on doors with big smile .... ready to leave! We had excellent driver Erika if she will one day read this , that will make smile on her face :). Im not sure how many hours driving but was about 5-6 hours to get there. After few hours sleeping on front seat we stop to get some coffee and keep going way to Camp Verde, AZ to www.outofafricapark.com. Finally we get there , was about 8:30 morning. Gate was close nobody around , ou yes we come first. We get some extra time so first check our gear. 

Park an staff was really nice , they have there nice pieces .... Lion, tigers and others beast :) ... first trip around was on bus hehe that was fun, really jumpy , so if you will try take some picture be careful,  because you can easy hit someone or something with lens. 

Here is one from bus, that giraffe /Kibo/ was extremely friendly. I had already 200mm lens on body so don't have wide angle photo from bus.

Only change for some shooting was when bus stop for a while, maybe next time I will only enjoy the trip around ZOO. Im not sure but maybe around 30-40 min. bus stop and then we start shoot for real :). When we was in bus we heard lion /LAZARUS/ howls before his breakfast , very powerful noise. Well when we get there , everyone who know lions a little they love to sleep. Next photo couldn't be different.

wasn't disappointed , there was enough active beast around. Sooner or later he will wake up for me :). 

Afternoon they have show with white Tiger / Chalet / that was really cool ... after walking half day that was really nice relax to sit and just enjoy ice-cream.

In morning we had ideal weather , but Arizona is really warm place , for all day walking need a lot of water and energy. We was thinking to stay there for a night but we decide to go home. Well after while I can say we should stay and take more time for photography. Usually if you are on some place first time basically you try running around to not miss anything , so next day is like relax and shooting only what you know .... From that time I know , you have to have a patience and not to rush around.  I wish to come back there again ...  I can write on that place hours , because there was always something interesting , most people are maybe interest about technic what Im using for wild life photography. Ill try come back in next blog with technics and gear what I use ...

Here few more pictures from Arizona.


Thank you for your time , I hope you find something what you like.

Marek Kocan /2013/